Benrimon Contemporary: "From the Land of Pleasant Living" (opens January 6). Amanda Burnham explores American landscapes through watercolors, gouache, and pencil sketches. 514 W 24th St., (212) 924 2400

<!--more-->Flanagan2Thierry Goldberg Projects: "Brendan Flanagan Sightlines" (opens January 7). Brendan Flanagan explores the implicit and ambiguous with an array of loose and emotional pieces. 5 Rivington St., (212) 967-2260

TRIIIBE create a tableau called The Compatibilty Quiz. Dodge Gallery: "TRIIIBE" (opens January 8). TRIIIBE questions social constructs with photographs of triplets. Can't argue with that. 15 Rivington St. (212) 228-5122

Peligian2Dean Project: "Carol Peligian" (opens January 6). Carol Peligian treads the boundary between manufactured and organic with her 3-D pieces. 511 W 25th St., (212) 229-2017

Palma2Nicholas Robinson Gallery: "Miguel Palma" (opens January 6). The first New York solo exhibit of Miguel Palma, a Portuguese artist who combines found objects into intricate systems. 535 W 20th St., (212) 560-9075

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