dragonageiiMany fans of Bioware's RPG Dragon Age are excited about the sequel coming out in March. Hell, we are, too! Who wouldn't want more blood-stained faces and awkwardly-timed lesbian interludes and general swords & sorcery pwnage?  However, Bioware just announced a Dragon Age II DLC pack, "The Exiled Prince." C'mon, DLC before the game is even released?  If it's ready before launch, why not include it with the game? Oh, never mind—money.  At least there's good news to distract you from EA's (we're assuming) vile hand-over-fist greed: If you pre-order the game (out March 8) before January 11, then you get "The Exiled Prince" included for free.  Fail to do so and you've got to shell out an extra $7 to experience the content. [VG247]

By Richie Procopio