bulletstormAs we already know, People Can Fly/Epic's upcoming Bulletstorm rewards players for slaughtering enemies in disgustingly creative ways. To wit: shoot a guy in the nuts and then kick him in the face.  Congrats, you just scored a "Mercy" skillshot. Next, throw another bad guy up in the air, then shock their bodies until they explode and cover you with their entrails.  Woot! More points for "Acid Rain"! Get more in depth—figuratively and literally—with the game's first "Skillisode." [Game Informer]
Sony has released a video comparing the real-life Nurburgring track to its digital recreation in Gran Turismo 5. It's a stunning accomplishment and it's difficult to fathom just how much work went into accomplishing this feat. We're gonna take a guess, though, and that guess is...dunno, a week? Two guys working for a week? Yeah, that seems about right. #disrespectful[Joysick Division]
Attention scat fans: Poopocalypse will release on the Xbox Live Marketplace before the end of the month. If you simply cannot wait to take flight and spread excrement all over the place, then perhaps this crappy video will hold you over. We're predicting it'll land at a sloppy #2 on the sales chart. [Destructoid]
Turns out a side-scrolling platform game based on the movie Aliens was apparently made and never released for the NES. Square developed the game (before they became known for their Final Fantasy series), which would have put players in control of Ripley as she battled the H.R. Giger creepy-crawlies that sought to lay eggs inside her.  No word as to whether dying prompted the on-screen message "Game over, man.  Game over." [1UP]

D-Dub Software is creating a game like no other...which may not be a compliment. Bonecraft is a parody of World of Warcraft (and Starcraft) in which human space marines (called Good Ol' Boys) are trying to get it in with scantily clad elves. Paraphrasing could never do it justice, so just read the developers' own outline of the game. [Kotaku]

By Richie Procopio