avatarLast night at CES, Microsoft revealed their new Avatar Kinect. And no, it's not braid sex. It's a way to use your Xbox Live avatar to enter a visual chat room with your friends. Your avatar moves its mouth when you speak and mimics your movements, thanks to the Kinect's motion-tracking technology. Say goodbye to text-based cybersex chat rooms, the future has arrived! [Game Trailers]

Glasses-free 3D is crazy enough, but a 65-inch glasses-free 3D set playing Final Fantasy XIII cut scenes? That sound you just heard was a million pairs of nerd pants being soiled. [The Escapist]

It might be 2011, but the motion-control gold rush is clearly still alive. A video from the Consumer Electronics Show going on in Vegas right now reveals a new PC motion controller called the Razer Sixense. More importantly, the demo shows us more gameplay footage of Portal 2. And now we're just gonna sit back smugly while you go back to the first sentence and realize what we were doing with that "still alive" thing. AWWWWWW META! [1UP]

Well, it certainly hasn't taken long for the Kinect hacks to get creepy and weird, word to Ronnie.  One enterprising per Youtube user has created a motion-tracking simulation in the likeness of Ivy from the Soul Calibur fighting series. Ivy is known for her—well, we'll just put it this way: there's a reason she's #6 on our 50 Hottest Women In Video Games. [Kotaku]

In the vein of Robotron and Smash TV, Voxatron is a new arena shooter set in a destructible world made of voxels (3D pixels).  While the game feels retro and fresh at the same time, it just won't be the same without an announcer shouting out "TOTAL CARNAGE! I love it!" [Game Informer]

By Richie Procopio