pacmapDear Android users who are tired of iPhone people and their stupid ad-free Angry Birds: Show those elitists Pacmap, your new GPS-based game that puts you in the role of Pac-Man and makes you travel around the real world to navigate the map.  Of COURSE the cops'll let you off, as long as you explain that you were running that red light to "get away from the ghosts." [Joystick Division]

New videos have been released highlighting the character lineup for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.  Phoenix and Mike Haggar were announced at CES this week as playable characters in the upcoming game, but they don't make an appearance in the clips. Well, at least now we know where Trish from Devil May Cry hides her sunglasses when she fights! [Gamespot]

Okay, last CES news, we promise. What with geek culture becoming so sexy and all, Sony clearly felt moved to undermine gamers' chances of getting laid, and so unveiled a prototype head-mounted 3D display. Lookin' good, Jordy! [IGN]

Angry Birds Knock on Wood is, yes, the BOARD GAME version of the world's favorite mobile game (other than Sweatshop Labor and Sex Tourism). Sigh. Due out in May, the game allows players to manually launch the ill-tempered avian menaces towards the opponent's swine structures in an attempt to knock them down for points.  Our projection: after 5 minutes of playing, you'll figure out it's easier and more fun to just play the game on your phone. [Destructoid]

Sackboy up! LittleBigPlanet 2 comes out on January 18th, and a legion of fans are waiting with bated breath.  While the first game was called a platformer, LBP2 is being touted as a "platform for games."  With the more robust level editor, players can now create racing, puzzle, and roleplaying games. Check out the new trailer and then hop in your time machine to skip the next few weeks: [PlayStation Blog]

By Richie Procopio