The other day, we posted a gameplay video of Japan's new entry in the burgeoning FIG genre (friggin' insane game), Catherine. You know, that game about the guy who meets the sexy chick and then starts having nightmares about bipedal sheep and narrowly avoiding being skewered by giant forks? Yeah, that one. Anyway, a new commercial has been released with even more disturbing footage of the game. Oh, Catherine, please come out in the U.S. [Destructoid]

Contrary to popular opinion, the best part of the annual Consumer Electronics Show that went down last week isn't the mind-blowing new technology, but rather the horrible third-party aftermarket gaming accessories. To wit: inflatable cars that serve as Mario Kart controllers; a new spidery Xbox 360 controller that's certain to be the least ergonomic thing ever, and bowling-ball controllers for Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect. Y'know, since your TV hasn't gotten its screen cracked in a while. Check out the other also-rans from CES. [Game Informer]

If you love the idea of hot girls in Legend of Zelda cosplay, then this video is for you.  If you like sniggering at dorky guys in Legend of Zelda cosplay, then this video is also for you. If you hate annoying soundtracks in videos of people in cosplay, then this video is for you as long as you mute it first. [Kotaku]

Another day, another video about motion control. This time, hilarity wins the day: Aiken Labs wants you to attach a small yellow box to your head and hold a large shield in order to get an immersive and interactive motion tracking experience. Makes sense, as long as the launch titles are Here, Hold This Shield and How Long Can You Balance That Box On Your Head?. [Engadget]

So there's this flash game—well, "game"—called Super PSTW Action RPG. It's a flash game where you control a stick figure solely by pressing the spacebar. (Hence the acronym: PSTW = Press Space to Win.) Fun, sure, but one person on Newgrounds took issue with it and wrote a review that was filled with misspellings, typos, and bad grammar. Which, in the type of meta-turn that's so common these days, became a flash video infinitely more entertaining than the original game. [Newgrounds]

By Richie Procopio