Attention Xbox owners: the Bulletstorm demo is hitting Xbox Live today. Repeat, TODAY. We don't know exactly when, but we assume Epic's Cliffy B. or Microsfot's Major Nelson will be tweeting it, and we'll be there to let you know the precise moment at which you will need to shut down your computer, walk out of work/class/mosque, and head straight home. In the meantime, enjoy these many new screens, including never-before-seen looks at the multiplayer maps Deadrock and Monorail (monoraaaaaaaail!) and many single-player locations. The demo also boasts 45 of the game's 145 skillshots, so we warn you not to test us online, as we will be trying all kinds of crazy shit in order to kill you in heretofore unknown ways. We heard there's one for strangling you with your own hyperextended scrotum!

UPDATE: The demo is live. We repeat, the demo is live. Get crackin', people.

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