While 2010’s documentary buzz has been overpowered mainly by Restrepo and Exit Through the Gift Shop, two excellent films in their own right, the absolutely can’t-miss doc of last year is the highly controversial Catfish. Focusing on a New York photographer filmed by two of his best friends as he embarks on a budding Facebook relationship with a woman he has never met, the film has been denounced by many viewers as a hoax. If you haven’t heard anything about it yet, it’s probably best that you not read any reviews because the power of this little movie is in the unexpected turns it takes to illustrate the Internet’s power to transform the way we view ourselves. At times, it’s almost as difficult to watch as a whatever the latest torture-porn flick is, though it lacks any sort of violence; at the same time, it’s quite beautiful in all its low-budget, grainy glory. Highly, highly recommended. -Finn Cohen

Thursday, Jan. 27 (Midnight screening only)
UW Memorial Union
800 Langdon St.
Madison, Wis.
(608) 262-1143