Enter the Void (2009)
Opens tonight
Chalmette Movies
8700 W. Judge Perez Dr.
Chalmette, La.
(504) 304-9992

A darling of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, this truly mind-bending visual trip through (and above) the streets of Tokyo has been trickling slowly into the United States over the past few months. French director Gaspar Noe's tale of an estranged brother and sister reunited in the lurid underbelly of Tokyo attempts to visualize the effects of hallucinogenics by employing intricate animation sequences, crane shots from incredible heights, and the natural lighting of the city's urban landscape. Design nerds will appreciate the kaleidoscope of crazy fonts cycling through the opening credits. It stars first-time actor Nathaniel Brown and the lovely Paz de la Huerta, who played the mysterious naked woman in Jim Jarmusch's 2009 film The Limits of Control and most recently starred in HBO's gangster series Boardwalk Empire. Click below to see the Enter the Void trailer...