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By Colin Whyte/RedCard
We've all seen lists like these that simply rearrange the same 50 resorts. What we tried to do was pick 50 resorts that hold something special for snowboarders, places that all but guarantee a good time. As for biases, we have ours, too: This list is subjective as all hell and weighted more toward freeriding, natural terrain and powder possibilities than parks or pipes or man-made snow. It's global, but with extra attention paid to North America.(Most riders don't have three grand these days to cross an ocean for snowboarding.) Lastly, rather than picking 10 resorts from Tahoe and another 10 from Colorado and another 10 from Salt Lake, we tried to focus your attention on some great hills that are often overshadowed by similar resorts with massive marketing reach. Get strapped, these are 50 Ski Resorts Every Snowboarder Should Ride.

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