>2K Sports is once again awarding ONE MILLION DOLLARS (insert obligatory Dr. Evil gesture) to the first person to pitch a perfect game in their upcoming Major League Baseball 2K11. They held the "Perfect Pitch Challenge" last year and Wade McGilberry won the cash on the very first day MLB 2K10 was released. Way to ruin it for the rest of us, McGilberry!

Thankfully, this year the contest is a bit different. The game comes out March 8, but the contest doesn't begin until the start of the baseball season in April, which gives us mortals time to practice and hone our pitching skills.  Plus they reduced the eligibility age from 18 to 13... which of course means some eighth-grade punk is going to cut school on April 1, pitch a perfect game, and take OUR well-deserved million dollars to buy untold amounts of 5 Hour Energy and a Brazzers membership. Stupid 13-year-olds. Anyway, the video's below. Start warming up in vain, old people!

By Richie Procopio