It makes perfect sense that the annual After Dark Horrorfest takes place in January. The first month of the year is commonly regarded as a dumping ground for crappy films, a post-awards-release-season cesspool in which an occasional winner emerges (this year’s The Green Hornet). And the After Dark Horrorfest? It’d be a compliment to call the festival’s overall four-year output “passable.” To be fair, a few great little genre flicks have come from the AD camp, like the rat people shocker Mulberry Street (2006) and last year’s intense Clive Barker adaptation Dread. But films of their ilk have been scarce, wedged in between laughably horrendous misfires such as Lake Dead (2007) and Slaughter (2008). Today, After Dark returns with six new independent horror pics, opening in select theaters across the country. Hoping that Horrorfest 5 is the best one yet, we’ve assessed each entry’s plot and/or trailer. Here’s our take on this year’s batch.

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