The tech industry experienced as many highs as lows in 2010. As e-readers and Android phones shattered sales records, nearly every major tech company dealt with lawsuits from competitors. While the biggest social-network entrepreneur redefined his image, some of the tech industry's most popular figures showed that they couldn't keep their hard drives in their pants. Microsoft proved naysayers wrong with Kinect and an all-new smartphone lineup, while Google introduced a criminally slept-on Internet TV service and dealt with privacy debates surrounding its Street View mapping service. Then, of course, there was Apple, the one company that kept consumers hooked throughout the entire year with its next-gen iPhone and the indomitable iPad—but not without controversy. Overall, 2010 was an entertaining year in tech. From Wikileaks' extremist actions to the emergence of 4G, take a look at back at The Top 25 Tech Stories of 2010.