Here's something we never thought we'd say: The appropriation and dilution of hip-hop culture by mainstream America hasn't been all bad. On screens big and small, popular acceptance (and mockery) of the art form has produced a variety of unforgettable moments, from tween white country singers spitting painfully hilarious nursery rhymes to halfway decent gangsta rap spoofs that unknowingly predicted just how silly and ignorant the music could (and thankfully would!) become. Complex pored over countless videos and, excluding actual rappers (with the exception of a handful we simply couldn't ignore), narrowed them down to the 50 best raps in TV and movies. Count them down starting at number 50—or, if you live this rap shit even when reading lists, kick it off with a little one-two, one-two...

By Insanul Ahmed, Ernest Baker, Jack Erwin, Brendan Frederick, Dominic Green, Donnie Kwak, Justin Monroe, Peter Rubin, Damien Scott, Dimas Sanfiorenzo

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