2010 was a year full of brilliant, addictive television. Seriously, were it not for DVR, we might never have gone out. And you know how much we love buying shots for loose chicks and doing the Dougie! At the moment, a blizzard has us snowed in, so we kinda wish we hadn't watched all the good shows already (guess we'll just have to on-demand our way through the 25 best movies of 2010). On the bright side, we have extensive knowledge of the good, bad, and ugly that aired on the boob tube this year, so we have supreme confidence in our countdown of the 25 best TV shows of 2010. It's a fascinating mix of movie stars making arrests, biker gangs, orange spray-tanned bimbos, fantasy footballers, and much more goodness, so be sure to tune in as we surf these channels so you don't miss a thing!