Network: FX
Stars: Louis C.K., Robert Kelly, Ricky Gervais, Nick DiPaolo, Pamela Adlon
Complex co-sign: Louis C.K. has always been a hilarious comedian, but it didn't translate on his 2006 HBO sitcom about a mechanic, Lucky Louie. This time, C.K. plays it closer to his chest as a standup comedian and recently divorced father of two girls and kills it. The show's meandering format, which cuts between standup performances and scenes that don't necessarily connect, doesn't lose anything because every vignette with downtrodden Louie dealing with the shit life piles on him (emasculation by youths, being told his old skin is sexy because it smells like death, a therapist who's more disturbed than he is) is standalone and, more importantly, gut-bustingly funny.