Director: Nicholas Stoller
Stars: Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Elizabeth Moss, Rose Byrne
Complex co-sign: When writer-director Stoller started calling Diddy his film’s “McLovin” within the pre-release press, it seemed like a stretch. That was until we saw this uproarious sendup of music industry shenanigans, about a record label intern (Hill) ordered by his boss (Combs) to transport rock star turned druggie has-been Aldous Snow (Brand) from London to Los Angeles for a big comeback show. Diddy is, understandably, spot-on as the reckless music mogul, and it’s a pleasure to see Hill play the straight-man for a change. You don’t have to be an A&R to laugh your ass off, though; after all, heroin smuggled in rectums is comedic gold no matter what one does for a living.