Director: Oliver Assayas
Stars: Edgar Ramirez, Alexander Beyer, Anna Thalbach, Susanne Wuest
Complex co-sign: Imagine James Bond as a trigger-happy terrorist and you’ll have an idea why the true story of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, a.k.a. “Carlos the Jackal,” is 2010’s best biopic. Credit is largely due to star Edgar Ramirez (Domino, The Bourne Ultimatum), running shit as the cocky Venezuelan native who donned several identities while raising governmental hell across the globe from 1974-1994. There’s an immediacy to the action throughout that makes you feel like you’re Carlos’s co-defendant, minus the targets on your back. Is it bad that we now want a notorious terrorist to be our wingman? Damn you, Edgar Ramirez!