Are gamers really so jaded that Disney felt the need to officially co-sign Warren Spector’s darker interpretation of Mickey? Granted, the House That Walt Built hasn’t been all that relevant in recent years. More importantly, we’ve become a bunch of desensitized wankers who aren’t shocked by things like tubgirl anymore. Admit it: the last Disney experience you had was when you saw some Rule 34 pics of Daisy Duck on /b/. [Ed.—please don't ask me what this means.] Point is, the Internet has ruined us. So of course we’d need a game like this week's Epic Mickey to pull us back into Mickey’s clubhouse. It wasn't so long ago, though, that movies and gaming alike were enjoying the golden age of modern Disney creativity. So let’s hop on that crusty boat from It’s A Small World (don't touch that stain!) and take a ride back through our five favorite Disney games.