Complex Says: We can just imagine some pimply 12-year-old in Taiwan sweating his balls off after school at the arcade, thinking this is the best game ever to exist. As he hops around frantically, a crowd gathers around him, forming an aura that's equal parts awe and pity. He dances faster and faster while the onscreen Donald Duck yells at his scrawny ass. Then the kid turns 16, comes to America for the first time, and goes to Disneyland with DDR dreams in his head, where he realizes that Disneyland is really just a bunch of dirty local kids from Anaheim who go there for their date nights. And there’s no seizure-inducing rave remixes of "It’s a Small World" anywhere to be found. That kid then goes back to Taiwan and starts doing drugs because nothing else matters after that.

But hey, on the bright side: ZOMG “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” REMIX *squeeeeaaaal*!!