I Love You, Phillip Morris is out, as in openly gay and finally in theaters. The controversial comedy, which stars Jim Carrey as real-life homosexual con man and prison escapee Steven Jay Russell and Ewan McGregor as a fellow inmate and the love of his life, struggled to get big-time distribution despite its two bankable stars and oft-noted hilarity. After small distributor Consolidated Pictures Group scooped the film up, delayed release indefinitely, then promised a limited release, Roadside Attractions finally bought and delivered it to the nation. Carrey's loud, sweaty anal sex scene reportedly scared risk-averse distributors. Would his fans balk? Would the religious right try to have the film banned? Would gay activists protest yet another gay criminal character? Probably yes to all! Though its difficulties seem the result of small, closed minds, there are many historical examples of films about gay men causing controversy (films with lesbian themes, like Basic Instinct and Boys Don't Cry, have too). Check out the five most controversial gay films of all time to see what distributors may have been afraid of.