ideoimageforthumbnail<iframe src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="625" height="352" frameborder="0"></iframe> The good folks over at the highly esteemed designed studio IDEO want people to touch their music again. But figuring that there's not going to be an uptick in non-digital music sales anytime soon, they went ahead and brought a cool concept to life. Using the c60 Redux concept seen in Martin Bone and Kara Johnson's book, I Miss My Pencil, IDEO built a box filled with Arduino Pro Mini boards that look for and read RFID tags that are built into special cards that contain two songs each. You throw a card down on the player and the song automatically starts playing—flip the card over and the "b-side" song starts to play. It's a cool mix of the digital and analog worlds. Peep the video above to learn more. [Engadget]

Who knew the world's most powerful laser was in California? But, shhh! Keep that on the low, and don't let Kim Jong-il know. [DVICE]

Studies show no one is buying ring tones anymore. Woe is MIMS. [Business Insider]

Wireless wars: Google and Apple are going to head-to-head in a bidding war for over 4,000 Nortel patents. [Cult of Mac]

Gawker and its affiliated network sites were hacked over the weekend, and all of its user-login info was put at risk. If that includes you, you may want to go change your password if you haven't already. [NY Times]

So this is the real purpose of Facebook? [Gizmodo]

If you find yourself in a situation where your online passwords have been compromised, here's how to change all of them in three minutes. [Life Hacker]


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