Movies: Wesley Snipes is supposed to go to prison for tax evasion this week, but he tells Larry King that he's hoping the Supreme Court will review his case (um...yeah right). And we're gonna go out on a limb and assume there's no presidential pardon forthcoming for Nino Brown. [Popeater]

Books: An X-rated version of the Grimm Brothers' classic fairy tales that somehow made it to childrens' bookstores in China has been pulled from shelves by the government. It seems the retellings (including one where a girl has sex with her father and seven dwarves) were deemed unfit for children by the Communist authorities. You see, that kind of thing would never happen in the good ol' U.S. of A. [Huffington Post]

TV: Patton Oswalt's auctioning off his Carvel Black Card (that entitles him to 75 years of free ice cream) for charity. Big dude saying no to ice cream? That must be some charity! [TMZ]

Comics: There's a limited-time only restaurant based on the manga One Piece opening up in Tokyo. Very cool. Very strange, yes, but still very cool. [Comics Alliance]

Politics: You had to have seen this one coming: supporters of WikiLeaks have started a hacking campaign against the organization's perceived enemies. [Yahoo]


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