Movies: Director Michael Bay admits that he has to "make up for" Transformers 2, which we can all agree sucked. Now if we could only get him to admit that everything he does sucks, we'd be getting somewhere. [Collider]

Crime: Police are questioning Nicholas Brooks, the 24-year-old boyfriend of the fashion designer Sylvie Cachay, 33, who was found dead in Brooks' Soho House Hotel room on Thursday. If he killed her, he'd better figure out what accessories go best with a prison jumpsuit quick. [Huffington Post]

Politics: The Westboro Baptist Church, the asshole collective responsible for such signs as "God Hates Fags," "Thank God For Dead Soldiers," and "Thank God For Breast Cancer," says it will picket the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards. And you wonder why people doubt God's existence. [CNN]

TV: Unemployed Oregonian Douglas Allen Smith Jr., who legally changed his name to Captain Awesome, after the character on Chuck, now has an official driver's license. When you think about it, that is pretty fucking awesome. The name suits you, Dougie. [TMZ]

Comics: Brenda Starr, the 70-year-old comic strip journalist and heroine, is retiring in January 2011. We don't often say this, but for 70, she has got an amazing rack. [Comics Alliance]