Movies: From the Dept. of Shit We Couldn't Make Up If We Tried (cross-referenced with the How Did We Not Know About This Before? file), comes the news that the Jodie Foster-directed, Mel Gibson-starring flick The Beaver will hit theaters in the spring. Gibson stars as a dude who talks to a beaver puppet on his hand. But does the beav record the conversations for future blackmail use? Hmmm, guess we'll have to find out. [The Wrap]

TV: Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman speaks on the wholesale changes to the show's writing staff this week. [TV Guide]

Politics: Breaking news! President Obama made a surprise trip to Afghanistan today. Wait, why is it newsworthy that America's first Muslim president is making a trip ON THE TAXPAYER'S DIME to some totally random country in Asia? Sheesh, the nerve of that guy. #needlesstosaybutwearekeeeeeding [NY Times]

Comics: Speaking of aliens (#againletsbeclearwearejestingfolks), these extraterrestrial sketches by James Stokoe are thoroughly rad. [Comics Alliance]

TV: Robert De Niro's on SNL this week (along with somebody named Did E. Dirtymoney). Maybe it'll make it watchable..but prolly not. [Hulu]