Movies: Six people were injured on the set of Dolph Lundgren's new movie, In the Name of the King 2, due to some kind of propane accident. We know what you're thinking: Dolph Lundgren? Wait, what? Who gives a fuck? Listen, anytime new Ivan Drago news is out there it just has to be posted. Sorry. [Fox News]

Politics: It's been a long time coming, but finally gays can be open about their sexual preference and get—what should be a God given right—the opportunity to try to gun down Osama. Yay! Seriously though, Don't Ask Don't Tell was a shitty law that needed to be repealed a long time ago, and there was really never any clear justifiable reason why it wasn't. So what's the first agenda for gays now that they can finally fight hand-in-hand in one of our many wars? Get rid of some that drab yet tacky camouflage clothing everyone in the military is rocking. [ABC News]

TV: Wow, MTV is so brave. They are literally out to document every single social dilemma (in a non-exploitative kind of way, of course.) So, after they tackled the pressing issue of teenage pregnancy, they are now giving their hand at teenage abortion. MTV plans to air a documentary following a young lady who is pregnant for the second time and is considering if she wants to keep the baby or not. Interesting. What's also interesting to us is the story of the potential baby father and the begging, pleading, and the eventual tears of joy or agony when MTV makes a decision for her she makes her decision. [Entertainment Weekly]

Celebrities: Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt, was hospitalized after he mistakenly glued one of his eyes close with a nail gun. He's claiming it was a accident, and he was really going for some eye drops. Bullshit: He knew what he was doing. We're just surprised it took him 24 years to finally get a good look at Zsa Zsa. [NY Daily News]

Comics: Marvel is getting ready to launch a new mini-series titled Fear Itself. The collection will detail our favorite Superheroes struggling with some of their greatest fears. This is just proof that even comic book characters have nothing to fear but fear itself (well, fear, video games, and a dying print medium, of course.) [USA Today]