Movies: Forty years ago, pedophile director Roman Polanski gave 1968 Playboy Playmate Angela Dorian a gun for protection. It turns out it's the same gun she used more recently to shoot her husband in the back. It's not the worst thing he's done, sure, but man... get your shit together, Polanski! Your life's turned into a fucking Lifetime movie! [TMZ]

Comics: Glenn Beck's "success story" is being turned into a comic. The only way this will ever be worth it is if Spider-Man punches him in the face at some point. [Comic Book Resources]

Politics: Apparently President Obama's Wall Street bailout did some good: The numbers look to be the best in a while, and are forecasted to stay that way. Economic crisis be damned, we're back baby! Now go get us three $500 bottles of vodka for the table. [Huffington Post]

Crime/TV: A viewer of the HLN show Nancy Grace provided a tip that helped police locate a missing 12-year-old girl and capture the man who may have kidnapped her and murdered her mom. Yet another instance of the heroism that results from sitting on your ass watching TV. See, Dad! [Media Bistro]

Movies: Film executive Franklin Leonard's annual list of the most loved screenplays that haven't yet been produced is out. In tragic related news, so are lots of shitty films like Faster and Burlesque. [Comingsoon]


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