Movies: Hot actress Amber Heard came out of the closet at a GLAAD event. Ah, she's a lesbian! Finally her complete lack of interest in our awkward sweaty advances makes sense! [Huffington Post]

Politics: WikiLeaks published a list of international locations that the U.S. considers vital to its security. You know, so terrorists can attack them. Wow, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange really wants the CIA to assassinate him. [CNN]

TV: The CW network is in development to create a new action TV series featuring the DC Comic heroin Raven from Teen Titans and most recently, Titans. [Comics Alliance]

Movies: Director Danny Boyle revealed that a sequel to Trainspotting will happen. The book it would be based on is called Porno. We've already purchased several tickets. [Cinematical]

TV: Showtime announced that Dexter, its show about a lovable serial killer who kills only other serial killers (with the occasional innocent accidentally snuffed out), has been renewed for a sixth season. We are very excited. Also wondering how it's possible that so many serial killers live in Miami, but that's another story. [Comingsoon]