The Internet is a funny place. It can make best friends out of strangers, but more often than not it makes enemies out of best friends. It's also a place where total strangers can photoshop semen on celebrities' faces and become (however briefly) a cultural icon. In other words, simple, good ol' fashioned hating is a quick way to make a big name for yourself on the worldwide web.

Our friend Marcus Troy doesn't play that, though. The Montreal-based fashion and lifestyle blogger has crafted a very nice life for himself by calling it like he sees it, albeit without the vitriol so common to his profession. He travels the world on a regular basis, but also has time to lend his keen eye and ear to just about any honest project that's tossed his way. So, yeah, one of the coolest dudes we know is also one of the nicest, and it's only natural that we'd ask him to give us a glimpse into the things that make him smile on his worldly rounds. Every Friday Marcus will check in with his 5 Cool Things I Saw This Week; in this special pre-New Year's Wednesday edition, he shares some oddities from his trip to Dallas for the Nike Football Summit.