Old Town Sacramento is still intact from the 1800s when the city was growing. It's located directly on the Sacramento River, with the same train station (crazy how the railroad museum is right there), the same soda fountains and candy shops, an old theater that I suspect was a whorehouse, and a few dozen other businesses that are still running as if time stood still. Horse drawn carriages run through the few square blocks that end with a red one-room school house. Quaint doesn’t begin to describe it.

And if you cross the train tracks to the river, you can keep walking right on down the gangway to the Delta King, which is basically a giant boat that is now used as a floating hotel and casino, and where, in my opinion, way too many people have wedding receptions after the rose garden experience. It’s just too easy.

So if you ever come here, just dirty up your shoes, remember to start everything with "hella," love our two local restaurant chains, and follow the field trip buses around the one square mile that we’ve planted all the good stuff, and you’re golden.

People say golden a lot in Sacramento too.

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