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How he did NOT die: In what’s probably the most famous celeb death hoax, rumors began spreading in 1966 that McCartney, then at the height of his Beatles fame, had died in a car crash after a fight with the band. He was supposedly replaced with a look-alike so as not to spark hysteria amongst devoted fans. The story was perpetuated when fans started picking apart songs and artwork from the band’s future releases (the weirdest probably having to be when people claimed that since Paul was the only one without shoes on the cover of Abbey Road, it must mean he was dead). Even though McCartney appeared on the cover of Life magazine to put the rumor to rest, the Internet still runs rampant with conspiracy theories and so-called clues. Sorry to burst your tie-dye bubble, guys, but even though the Sir is pretty fucking badass, he would have to be a really spry corpse if any of these rumors were true.

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