Sure, we've dressed up as four different Mario characters and filmed ourselves doing a four-part Glee-style rendition of Super Mario Galaxy music, but we've never uploaded it to YouTube. So THERE. [YouTube]

Cliffy B. and the crew at Epic is set to unveil a whole new IP at the Game Developer Conference in February. After what we've seen of Gears of War 3 and Bulletstorm, we're guessing it'll be called Homoerotic Tension-Imbued Shooter. [Video Game Examiner]

Some guy's 10 favorite Black Ops kills so far. When in doubt, do what Complex does! [Unreality Mag]

Another day, another ridiculous Little Big Planet 2 level. This time it's Back to the Future, thankfully with fewer "Pepsi Free" jokes. [Joystiq]

More Uncharted 3 gameplay! Drake really is having the best year ever. [Kotaku]