3dsA long-ass list has surfaced of the Nintendo 3DS games we can expect next year. Pros: RIIIIIIIDGE RACER! Cons: RapeLay. No, wait, we're totally making that up. [Joystiq]

There's bad game cover art and then there's TERRIBLE game cover art. And in the case of the latter, there's really nothing you can do to it that won't make it better. Even this stuff. [Unwinnable]

We've actually played part of Duke Nukem Forever, so we know it's real, but just in case you're a pessimist, you might as well just watch this incredible Duke Nukem fanfilm and than bitch about how the game's still never gonna come out. [Kotaku]

Seeing as how we just trooped through two feet of snow to get to work today, we're feeling UGO's rundown of the best ice levels in games. They clearly forgot Franklin Ave. in Brooklyn, though. [UGO]

Complex bredren Planet Xbox 360 rounded up their favorite new characters of 2010, and all we have to say is: may Joe Barbaro from Mafia II find you and kick you into a coma in the middle of the street, spewing epithets all the while. [Planet Xbox 360]


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