lbp2mvcThe beta for Little Big Planet 2 took the wraps off of the game's insane new level-editing capabilities, which include full camera control and music cues—both of which this dude employed to make this LBP2 version of Marvel vs. Capcom. Holy crap. [YouTube]

Finally—FINALLY!—the Madden Curse is in the works to become a movie. Actors with frail bones should probably think twice about auditioning, though. [The Wrap]

If we were semi-pro hockey players, we'd probably celebrate every goal like NHL 94, but we're probably the only ones who woul—wait, what? The Karmaloop Blazers did? Awesome. Wait, what? They're not called the Karmaloop Blazers? That's too bad, because we could probably get 20% off and free shipping. [Puck Daddy]

Big dogs at Naughty Dog talk about Uncharted 3, Lawrence of Arabia, and why the rapper Drake just wasn't man enough to make a cameo. Wait, no, we're kidding about that last part. [Game Informer]

If only we had a legitimate reason for linking to a gallery of a chick's Valkyria Chronicles cosplay. Wait, "editorial license" is a real thing? Sweet. [Kotaku]