gta6A new GTA in 2012? Kind of a foregone conclusion, but it's still nice to hear someone say it. [Games Industry]

A couple of guys from Naughty Dog (the co-presidents, actually) visited Jimmy Fallon last night to let him be the first person outside the company to play Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.We know Jimmy loves video games, but he seems a do we say this...rusty. [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]

After Bethesda revealed the new Elder Scrolls game at the VGAs over the weekend, Game Informer is putting it on their next cover...or so they tell us. [Game Informer]

We like video games, and we enjoy naked women. Why then, do we not enjoy these game-based porn covers as much as we assumed we would? Oh, right, maybe it's Castlerapia: Nymphony of the Night. *shudder* [Wild Ammo]

Design x gaming = desktop wallpapers we fux with. Master Chief or Goomba? The eternal question remains unanswered. [Rampaged Reality]