A new downloadable Ghostbusters game is announced for spring 2011—and much like Vado, it's all about SLIIIIIIIME! It's in the spirit of the old arcade title, but has none of the original cast to do voice work. Minor fail, but it's still Ghostbusters, so sign us up for the game and 12 crates of Slimer Hi-C Ecto Cooler. [Game Informer]

Nintendo Wii Speak is getting the axe, so hurry and grab one for your Animal Crossing game! Oh, and while you're at the store, please get a life. #meanfornoreason [Gamasutra]

Binary Domain is a new shooter from SEGA that reminds us a lot of The Terminator. The trailer is pretty bad-ass, but it gives us an after-taste of corny cheesiness. Wait, maybe it reminds us a lot of corn dogs. [Game Life]

Super Meat Boy lets off shots at PETA and its Tofu Roast. Can't we all just get along? [Kotaku]

In the Biting The Advertising Hand That Feeds You Department: Everyone was excited for NBA Jam, but not all hyped-up endeavors are what they're cracked up to be, according to Complex Media Network site PastaPadre. *ducks* [Pasta Padre]