cs_stripperWe're still not entirely sure why Russian strippers showed up to a Counter Strike LAN party, but we will never not be entertained by watching gamers refuse even the shallowest simulation of sexual desire in order to snipe people on what appears to be a 1970s Arpanet terminal. [Koku Gamer]

Take a moment, won't you, and pour out a little 4Loko for all the games that got canceled in 2010? [1UP]

If you're gonna do a Best Cosplay of 2010 post, couldn't you at least pretend to have a Y chromosome? C'mon, guys, MAKE WITH THE SCANTILY CLAD ALREADY. [Joystick Division]

CNN finally gets around to posting their top ten games of the year, and butthurt commenters forget what the word "subjective" means. Hilarity ensues. And by "hilarity," we mean "generally cordial objections by people who insist that Fallout New Vegas is actually the best game of the year." [CNN]

The most anticipated Wii titles of 2011. Seriously? Jurassic Park? Don't forget Cooking Mama: Chiffonade Was A Popular Cut And It Still Is. [Game Informer]


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