What's the difference between Uncharted 3 and that threesome you told your boys you had? UNCHARTED 3 IS REAL, THAT'S WHAT! [Playstation Blog]

A dude posted a YouTube video of himself getting a 149-hit combo with Chun Li in Super Street Fighter IV, but what's really impressive is the comment thread and what it reveals about hardcore fighting game fans. To wit: "You guys don't appear to realize that the Lightening Legs has pushback. He wasn't just spamming the kicks. He was using the kicks to increase the combo count, using her crouching Fierce Punch (which is a 1Frame link, meaning he has to have PERFECT timing) to bring himself back in, and EVEN THEN, on some of the kicks, he would get pushed out to a distance where the FP would not bring him in far enough so he had to release a charged Kikoken, FADC it then start the process over. Now, an FADC uses two stocks of the Super (blue) meter down there, so there's no way that it could be an infinite combo or even close to one." *dead* [Joystiq]

As great as some of the AAA sports titles were this year, you probably missed some sleepers, and our peoples at OS are giving you a roadmap. We just don't know why Pervy Field Hockey Coach 11 isn't on here. [Operation Sports]

These guys are disappointed by a lot of games. Of course, if you had high hopes for Alien Vs. Predator, maybe the problem is yours. [Tech 2.0]

Old-people favorite Paste runs down their 20 favorite video games of the year. I Don't Listen To Rap Star clocks in at #16! [Paste]


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