Fans are not pleased with the COD: Black Ops patch, and are reporting more matchmaking fails than ever. If you ask us, though, that's what you get for trying to bring arranged marriage to a first-person shooter. [Black Ops Forum]

Someone went on Twitter and leaked everything you've ever wanted to know about Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. In a strange way, it's very much like reading government secrets. Except for the fact that no one gets their memory wiped and probed after reading Capcom's secrets. WHAT, THEY COULDN'T PROBE US BEFORE THE MEMORY WIPE?!?!?! [Shoryuken]

The good folks at Pasta Padre have provided us with a great first look at MLB 11: The Show. The only form of baseball that doesn't lead to coma-inducing boredom. [Pasta Padre]

Fable III players can now get themselves a lovely DLC poodle. So if you thought your warrior avatar was intimidating before, you just wait 'til the boys online see you now! [Game Informer]

Square Enix is losing A LOT of money because of the Deus Ex delay. We don't think a Phoenix Down will revive their financial problems, so maybe it's time to release that Final Fantasy VII reboot everyone has been asking for. Pleeeeease? [Gamasutra]

This hilarious video by Mega64 takes shots at the new Game Informer cover of Tomb Raider's so-called "reboot." [Mega64]