One of the most storied stretches of land in American music history, Beale Street is where Southern blues legends from the sticks landed when they went to make it big in the big city. (In the 1960s it even got a Congressional stamp—“The Home of the Blues”—to prove it.) W.C. Handy, B.B. King, Joyce Cobb, Rufus Thomas, and Louis Armstrong are just some of the legendary names that helped make Beale Street famous. Elvis Presley spent time here. So did Machine Gun Kelly. Today, Beale is famous for its concentration of nightclubs and live music venues, including B.B. Kings, Alfred’s, and The New Daisy Theater, and the annual Beale Street Music Festival which attracts over 250,000 people for a slate of live music spanning several stages and several days during the first weekend in May. But you can go here any night and hear live music of all types. And drink on the street.