The western genre is inherently masculine. Although it's easy to imagine women clinging to the arms of gun-slinging heroes, showing their gratitude with a "blaze of glory" behind the stables, westerns aren't known for their babe quotient. Just look at the Coen BrothersTrue Grit, a remake of John Wayne’s 1979 classic. Based on Charles Portis’s 1968 novel, True Grit stars Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon as a U.S. Marshal and Texas Ranger, respectively, hunting the outlaw (Josh Brolin) who murdered a little girl’s father. It’s a solid film, yet the well-acted movie’s only bit of estrogen comes in the form of 13-year-old newcomer Hailee Steinfeld, who gives a strong performance, but, um...she’s 13! Where are all the 18-and-older bar mavens and whores in corsets? Since we’re guessing many of our readers will see True Grit this week, we’re here to provide the sexy that the Coen Brothers unfortunately overlooked. Take a gander at the 20 hottest women in westerns and make sure to keep that 10-gallon Stetson hat on your lap.

By Matt Barone