Illustration by Matt Vincent
Unless you're flying private, traveling during the holidays is usually a nightmare. Airports are packed; people are foolish, frantic, and fanatical; and every flight seems to be either late, overbooked, or rerouted to another gate causing you to book it across the airport to another terminal. Yeah, it's nightmarish. Unfortunately, when it comes to all that, in the words of pre-VH1 Flava Flav: we can't do nuttin' for ya, man! But we can offer some solace in the form of mobile-phone apps. Whether you have a BlackBerry, iPhone, or an Android phone, there a bunch of apps available that can organize your travel arrangements and keep you aware of any changes in your itinerary so your journey is a little less traumatic. From apps that offer cheap tickets, to ones that tell you exactly what you can and cannot bring on an airplane, check out the 10 Best Travel Apps Available This Holiday Season. Safe travels.