Designed By: useyourdigits on Etsy (who also did last year's crazy game-controller ornaments)
Why We Like It: Because there's a Super Nintendo! And an original Xbox! And a Sega Genesis! And they're actually low-key enough that you wouldn't feel like a supernerd for sneaking them onto your girl's parents' tree. They'd just be all "interesting, what are those?" And you'd be all "oh, they're from a conceptual artist that I support—they'll be showing at a small gallery in West Chelsea next spring," and they'd be all "what a bright young man!" And your girl would be all "the fact that you just charmed my parents despite being a degenerate is so impressive that I'm gonna take you upstairs and top you off before we go wassailing." And you'd be all "YES!" And it's all because of these ornaments!

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