When it comes to the holiday season and attendent secondary markets, it seems like every hobby/pastime in the world gets a huge selection of ornaments to choose from. Except gaming. Don't believe us? Dip into any store and all you're gonna find is some ridiculous fuckery like that monstrous stillbirth of a design choice featured above. *shudder* Where are the items we can hang on a Christmas tree/Festivus pole/menorah with aftermarket ornament loops/Kwanzaa shrub/post-Diwali buffet table? Turns out the answer to that question is, of course, "The Internet." Oh, sweet Internet, where we can find ornaments that are in turns hilarious, artistic, pretty fucking cool...and always, should we desire such things, dread-inducingly horrible. So we went out and rounded up nine gaming ornaments—one for each day of Christmas! Sorry, what? Twelve? Ah. Well, don't blame us, we're Jewish.