Systems: 360, PC
Release Date: Jan. 26
Crazy voice talent (Martin Sheen, Carrie-Ann Moss, Tricia Helfer) melds with an FPS-heavy RPG mechanic for a hybrid experience that's out of this world. Because they're in space! As we said in our original review, "Combat or no combat, this is at its core a game about relationships, and mark our words, you will become attached—to your character and the NPCs alike." What can we say? We were emo back then. Nowadays, we just use our Commander Shepard to rape the universe of its resources and humanity alike. Now THAT'S morality! But seriously, ladies and Germfs (they're German smurfs), Bioware managed to make exactly what a sequel is supposed to be: an engrossing and different enough experience to make you all but forget the game that came before it...with an emotional resonance that would be impossible without its predecessor. And now that Mass Effect 3 is officially on the books and coming back to Earth, they have a whole new challenge to live up to.