2010 was a deceptively great year for gaming: it started strong, it ended strong, and it had a strong middle. #jawdroppinganalysis And with all the games of note still to come out between now and the end of the year, we have—wait, what? There are no more games of note coming out in the next week? Guess that means we'd better sack up and put our rhetoric where our thumbs are. From puzzlers to platformers to hack-and-slashers to shooters to sports, from blockbuster first-party exclusives to indie downloadable gems, from Viet Cong to Greek gods, we played our way to degrees of couch-bound sloth that are truly astounding—and we did it all for you! So read on, weigh in, and relive the highs and higher highs of the best that gaming had to offer in 2010. Spoiler alert: Kinectimals is No. 1!