We know it's only the second week in November, but it might be time to modify your 2010 Christmas list. You could downgrade those diamond earrings you were planning to get your girl (cubic zirconium shines just as brightly in the right light, Moneybags). Mom doesn’t really need that state-of-the-art food processor—she'll love you just as much if you get her a Slap Chop. Dad won’t care if you substitute that new toolset with a Snuggie Blanket. And cancel your plans to wait in line for the Cool Grey XIs. Normally we would never promote such Scroogish behavior, but the first few months of 2011 are going to be stacked with top-notch game releases. So not only are you going to have to buy a ton of titles, but you’re also going to have to take into account the cost of high power bills, broadband fees, and “I’m sorry for neglecting you for the past two months playing Black Ops until the glitchers took over” date nights. Here are some of the games that might be getting you in financial trouble in early ’11, but will still be worth the bankruptcy lawyer.