We are not alone. As movies constantly remind us, aliens walk among us, or they will when they get the green light from the mothership to launch the full-scale invasion. Extraterrestrial invaders come in all shapes, sizes, and dispositions; sometimes they're cute and harmless and other times they're monstrosities intent on stripping us of our freedom and precious natural resources anal virginity. In Skyline, the new sci-fi thriller out Friday, some nasty mech monsters rock our world using seductive light beams to draw humans out like moths to a flame to be swallowed (not in a "lean back with your hands on your head" good kinda way). With intrusive intelligent lifeforms on our puny human minds, Complex created a scale to break down the varying degrees of outer space ugliness that have dropped in on us. Don't look into the light—but do take a look at The Alien Invaders Ugly-O-Meter!

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