So Call of Duty: Black Ops has been out for what, a week? Actually, not even—this is its seventh day in the wild. But as we could have told you, it's absolutely demolishing nearly every other game out there: $360 million first-day sales, and what we have to think are millions of man-hours logged in multiplayer already. We've only squeaked our way up to Level 15 in the multiplayer modes—hellllooooo, Famas!—but have still managed to pick up some frag multikills and decent killstreaks here and there. Of course, we're thumbless quadriplegics compared to some of the FPS savants out there, who have been busy uploading their carnage for days. (And let us also say in our defense that WE JUST FOUND OUT THAT PEOPLE ARE USING AUTO-AIM. What part of the game is that?) So to celebrate the first week of the world's new FPS of choice, we loaded up a full clip of our favorite video displays of Black Ops pwnership. Tango down!