nerd-alert Michael Fester and Volker Schlue believe the keyboard on your smartphone pretty much sucks. The two Cambridge University Ph.D. mathematics students have come up with a solution they believe is exponentially better. It's called 8Pen. Available for download on Android devices, the 8Pen interface replaces your keyboard with a large multicolored X, random letters and numbers, and a big black dot. Though it looks way more complicated that a regular QWERTY, the developers claim it's super easy to use. Here's how they explain it: A character is produced by pressing down in the center, entering any of the four sectors, and then passing through either one, two, three, or four adjacent sectors in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction, before returning to the center. The order of the letters along the edges, and the side on which they are placed, indicate the number of sectors to be passed through and the direction of the movement, respectively. Right. We don't want to knock it without trying it, but...we may just stick with what we've got. [NY Times Bits]

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